The Ruminations of Resident Ronnie

By Ronald Rylance

When Bee’s Wing Publications were offered the manuscript of The Ruminations of Resident Ronnie, we quickly realised that we were in the presence of a major literary, albeit home-grown, talent that needed to be brought to a national audience, which is the stated purpose of Bee’s Wing Publications.

Ruminations was written by  81-year old Ronald Rylance, long-term resident of a seaside village in South Devon. Ronnie looks back on his life, but  it is unlike so many “Isn’t it amazing and sensitive?”, 300-page but seems like more, reflections on of old age. Rather, we experience with him growing up in war-time London and the sad loss of his wife, Elaine, through cancer; his shrinking network, his mortality, his difficulties with the new technologies, and his experience of rapid social change.

Ruminations  tells  how the village has changed with the advent of many of the properties being bought by second homers, and so only being lived in for a few weeks a years; and how this has affected the lives of residents, Ronnie, his debonair friend, George and the stylish Joyce. But Ruminations’ compass is much wider than this.  His observations on the city of Plymouth, the Health Services and university education provide a contemporary account of the state of the nation in this period of Austerity, which is hitting rural communities in the South West particularly hard.

But this is no dry, political  tome. Ronnie’s encounters with these institutions and their ways are invariably humorously told, so that much of the book is side-spiittingly funny.

The Ruminations of Resident Ronnie, with  its combination of  biting comment and humour in a period of social change, is in the tradition of Three Men in a Boat and The Wind in the Willows. Bee’s Wing Publications are proud  that they were entrusted with bringing it to publication.

“Moving and bitingly funny” – Kingsbridge Gazette

Paper-back, ISBN 978-0-9576087-1-9, £5.00 + £2.50 postage. Total = £7.50

e-book, ISBN 978-0-9576087-2-6, price £5.00